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2-Day Sale!

10/8 - 10/9 only!
To celebrate the launch of the new designs, we have 20% off ALL Note Cards!

Just Released!

There are dozens of new note card collections available!
Check them out in the Note Card section!
Get them while they're hot!

Treats for You when you buy Prints! 10/27/2010

No tricks, just treats from Fingerprints Art this Halloween season!
Our Limited Edition Prints are on sale from Wednesday 10/27 until Tuesday 11/2!
At 20% off, the Limited Edition Prints are at the spookiest prices they have ever been!

RHRocks Designs clothing line! 10/19/2010

RHRocks Designs now has a clothing store up! Make sure to check out the clothes for men, women, children, and even infants.

1-Day Sale! 10/15/2010

All 8-pack of note cards are on sale for one day only! 20% off the original price on 10/15/2010 only! Check out the Design Store now!

-Fingerprints Art website version 5.0 is here!

We hope you like the new look. There are three major improvements with the new version:

1) The RHRocks Designs store is here! These are unique desings created by Rosemary Horrocks you can purchase. Right now only note cards are available. Coming soon will be the availability to purchase prints, t-shirts, and many more items with her desings on them.

2) Shopping is now much easier to do! The "Add to Cart" buttons are below every thumb and the "View Cart" button is viewable at the top of every page.

3) The slideshow gallery has upgraded as well! A little browsing music has been implemented as well as a "Share This" button so you can share your favorite art with friends online and help spread the word! Also the look and feel of the gallery have improved along with adding navigation to the top.

You will also notice we no longer let you choose your charity. Don't worry, though, we are still donating 10% of our net profits to charity at the end of the year!

Our Customer Testimonials page can now be reached by clicking on the bottom of the Fingerprints Art logo above.