About Us

Fingerprints Art was founded in early 2009 by Rosemary Horrocks and Tamer Baker.

We are based out of Sunrise, Florida which is just a few of miles West of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We ship anywhere in the continental USA as well as, upon request, internationally.

Fingerprints Art is the only place you can purchase extrodinary fine works of art by Rosemary Horrocks. We sell Limited Edition Prints of her original artwork. There is also the RHRocks Designs store in which you can purhcase note cards and clothing with unique designs by Rosemary Horrocks. Soon her designs will be available for puchase as prints, mugs, and much more.

Fingerprints Art is different from other art dealers because we donate 10% of all our net profits to charity. We have already donated over $3,400 to the MDA alone as well as more to multiple other charities. We are really excited to see how much we will help the world.

Art is a very special addition to your home or office. The art you choose to display tells a lot about who you are and what you believe in. When purchasing Limited Edition Prints from us, you receive a Certificate of Authenticy hand-signed by the artist to ensure it's an original work of art. You also receive a copy of the artist's statement.

Make sure to buy your prints before they run out! Production of the Limited Edition Prints will discontinue once we have sold the maximum number of prints alloted to the edition.

Remember ... when purchasing form Fingerprints Art, you are helping to leave fingerprints around the world.

We appreciate you visiting us and joining us in our journey!

-Fingerprints Art

Artist's Statement

I love to inspire and give people a visual of the way I view things around me. I enjoy reminding people we are small, but can do big things. I find great freedom in opening your eyes to the magnificent world that is right in front of us all. My goal is to inspire you to see the world differently. We all have the ability to be as bold as the brilliant colors within my art. We all have the ability to be as free with love as my paintings are with lines.

My artwork always originates from an inspired emotional thought. I draw the images that make up the thoughts – or – the images that portray the beauty of those thoughts. I rarely plan out the colors to be used. I will usually pick a color and continue from there. It is almost as if the painting colors itself and adds its own encouraging lines of movement.

My recent works are all inspired by random acts of kindness. They represent insight into my imaginative world. I believe most of us want a serene world that is brilliantly colored. My works of fine art show us that we actually have this world. We just have to be reminded of it. My paintings tell the truth of how to find it. I challenge your thought process with my work. I challenge the way you view what is right in front of you. I do this while hoping to inspire you to do beautiful acts of kindness in your life. I want you to remember why we do what we do …

-Rosemary Horrocks

Rosemary Horrocks